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Get the Best Out of Your Coffee Maker with These Pro Tips There is no such thing as a person who doesn’t like coffee. If you’re like the rest of the majority of the human population and you can’t start, end, or go through your day without a fresh brew, you probably already have your very own coffee maker at home. A coffee maker allows you to come up with your very own coffee creations in the comfort of your home, minus the brand names that can make a single cup seem so expensive. Take these tips into consideration when using your coffee maker and get the best brew out of it each and every time. 1. Avoid Using Preground Coffee Beans – Although it might seem convenient to buy preground coffee, you should know that the bags of coffee grounds you find at your local grocery probably aren’t fresh anymore. Not that they rot, it’s just that you should know that coffee’s flavour is at its peak for one month after its roasted, and brewing it after that golden time frame might not bring the best results. Look for local coffee shops that roast beans and grind them on the spot for fresh grounds with optimal flavour. 2. When Grounding On Your Own – While ground coffee might retain its flavour up to a month after grounding, you should know that the process of flavour loss starts just 30 minutes after coffee is crushed up. That said, some coffee enthusiasts prefer to ground their coffee beans on their own at home. It pays to note however that the process of grounding beans isn’t that simple or easy. Over ground them and you end up overextracting a bitter brew, but a ground that’s too coarse won’t give you too much flavour. Usually, a traditional coffee maker would be able to make the ideal coffee with medium to medium fine ground beans.
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3. When Measuring Coffee at Home – Many of us would put coffee grounds based on volume, but the right way to do it is actually to measure the weight. To get the best out of your coffee, make sure you get accurate weights by using a digital kitchen scale. The right ratio has been said to be at 1 part water to every 20 parts of water, or .75 grams of coffee grounds to 150 mL. Of course, you can experiment with the ratios and make your coffee stronger or weaker depending on your preference, but if you’re just starting to figure it all out, 1:20 would be a good place to start.On Drinks: My Thoughts Explained