A Guide to Replace Your Zipper Pulls

It is easy to replace the zipper pulls as opposed to the replacement of the whole zipper. The fact that we offer zippers at zippershipper.com means that you will have an easy time in making the order and having it delivered through our website. You can buy a zipper rescue kit that comes with an assortment of common zipper sliders and zipper stops. These zipper slider kits can either be clothing zipper slider kits or outdoor zipper slide kits that contain zipper slider replacements for the outdoor purposes.

When you are making a replacement of your zipper pulls, there are a number of factors that you should consider. What material is your zipper teeth made of? This will help you to buy a suitable zipper pull depending on whether the zipper teeth are made from molded plastic, metal or nylon coil. Before you buy zippers by the yard, you should also determine the gauge of your zipper teeth.