Analysis Of Technological Health Developments

Globalization has invaded almost all areas in the world. Its influence is also very broad, and one of them is the development of technology. Technology is really growing by leaps and bounds. This rapid development of technology, it will affect all areas of human life. Including in the field of health. Rapid technological developments, would bring a positive impact to the development of the existing health. Various inventions and new discoveries continue to emerge through various types of research for the development of health science itself, the cost for treatment was also increased, to get the loan you can obtain overnight loans bad credit.

Although the hospital is an institution that is intensive in information developmental problems, but in fact the application in hospitals associated with the technology is still far below of other agencies with different areas. Especially in the use of technology in the field of transaction. For example, the banking institution. Banking financial system has become one of the standard procedures in the banking world, while still being in the hospital billing system planning stage.

The healthcare industry has had a good operating standards, and is also supported by the increased application of existing information technologies such as the application of ISO. The challenge is also getting bigger, such as the cases of the disease are increasingly dangerous and difficult to overcome such as heart disease, HIV / Aids, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s and others.

That is, the development of technology in the health sector is developing rapidly, is characterized by the issuance of approximately 750,000 medical journals and the latest health annually. But the application of information technology in the health sector is still small. Even in developed countries like the United States, which is actually advanced in terms of the health budget and the financial side, but only 2% were invested for the information technology of the existing funds.

The development of technology, not separated because of the increasing number of problems or issues that ceaselessly appear. As the need for a rapid response time. In hospitals, the existing practice all of which require a rapid response to save time in order to focus more on patient care.

The government is also focusing on improving the quality of public health degree. Various types of studies have been run and generate rapid technological developments. Variables such as mortality, morbidity, the value of life expectancy and so on the rise. However, various challenges have also sprung up as if to cover the government’s success in addressing and improving public health. Diseases such as HIV / Aids and so on. Growing and the rapid advancement of technology in the health sector, it is relatively expensive the community costs. And not a few of the people who are able to fulfill it all. Only a small proportion in the end were able to use these facilities.

To realize the increased level of public health so that the quality of the nation increased, actually many factors that influence it. As people’s behavior, habits of life, health care, and also the effect of influencing the offspring although a small percentage.

Awareness of the professionalism of health workers who feel they have a mandate from the people who trusted completely against the complicated health problems that can only be understood by the public health profession alone. With such feelings, of health personnel will make every effort to fulfill its obligations run the trust of the community.

Another reason is, the application of current health ethics in dealing with the development of medical technology and rapid information is essential. Especially for workers health professions such as doctors, especially nurses. Because through ethical, professional workers are taught to perform all actions in accordance with the principles and rules that have been implemented in accordance with the operational standard hospital procedures.

These technologies are evolving healthcare today, demanding various hospital institutions both locally and internationally to compete to improve service quality. Of the various existing regulations will be tightened in order to facilitate the process of health care in the hospital.

One of the health workers who play a role in health care is a nurse. Nurses as a profession certainly has its own standards in providing services to patients in nursing care. In fact, nurses are still in need of new medical equipment in helping to carry out the treatment. This is because, the development of the times, new problems continue to emerge. This has encouraged nurses to try to solve the issue through research and training. The development of science and knowledge are growing rapidly lately as if to answer any questions that problematic.