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LinkNow Media’s New Secret Santa Project Raises Thousands For Charity


(Montreal, Quebec)— The New Secret Santa Project, an initiative created by Montreal-based web design and online marketing company LinkNow Media, raised over $33,000 for charity over the holiday season.

The New Secret Santa Project is an independent fundraising campaign for the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres’ holiday gift drive. Batshaw Youth and Family Centres is an organization devoted to providing support and resources to underprivileged children in Montreal and their families. Every holiday season, they run a gift drive for the children under their care to ensure that every child gets something to brighten their holidays.

In past years, LinkNow Media’s ownership and staff have supported this gift drive through purchasing gifts and cash donations. This year they decided to put their resources towards raising awareness of the program, and created The New Secret Santa.

“After raising 250 gifts and $10,000 internally last year, we knew that …

Why People Think Recruiters Are A Good Idea

What Are The Advantages Of Social Media Recruitment

By making use of social media sites, you will be able to build a long term relationship with your applicants. Enhancing the experience that they have as well as making them get to know your company more can be done by using social media.

In choosing the possible candidate, the employers of today have seen significant changes. It is I in social media that employer are able engage their applicant rather than just taking a look at their CV. This is one way of making applicants know about your company so that they will have an idea if what you do and make you as their future reference. There will be an establishment on the mind of the employees since you have already made a relationship with them.

In every stage of the recruitment, it is very important that you will be …

Questions About Options You Must Know the Answers To

Getting Profit From Real Estate

A lot of people nowadays would have to think of a way to get a constant stream of income and there are different ways that they could actually do that. Thinking of a way to earn money is a hassle thing to do and you have to find the right thing that you could do in order to get the right stream of income that you could use.

We already have that mindset where people would be able to start earning money after they have finished their studies and land a job. Working to earn money is not just enough most especially if you are going to need different things that you would want to buy and your salary would not be enough for it. This is why people would start saving their money in banks which can take up a lot of time to …

Looking On The Bright Side of Sales

Uses of Best Cooking Oils

There are different cooking techniques that people use in cooking. This can be determined by the availability of essential oils, location and even culture. There are so many cooking ways in the world today. These cooking methods are be categorized into three, the dry, the moist and the combination cooking method. We can use water or steam, fat and even air to cook foods. This is referred to as the use of heat transfer mediums which are convection, conduction, and radiation in scientific terms.

As a medium to transfer the heat, water or steam is used to transfer the heat. This includes steaming of foods, simmering, poaching and boiling. The use of low temperatures in cooking foods under water is known as poaching. No bubbles are seen in the liquid here. Medium heat is used in simmering and small bubbles are visible. Mostly, this is …