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Misconceptions About Indie Games

Indie game is a short form for independent video games. They are games created by game developers without financial support from video game publishers. An interesting fact to note is that indie game development has been on the rise since the year 2010 and they remain every game developer’s dream.

An important fact to note is that there are many misconceptions about indie games. One of the myths is that the games are easier to make than big budget games. It is undeniably true that complex games require larger teams of developers and not just one person and even when it comes to developing indie games, the same number of man-hours might be needed. An amazing fact to note is that big budget titles have the advantage of hiring various professionals such as programmers, singers, scriptwriters, social-media managers, communication managers, marketing managers, website administrators, and press release coordinators. The truth is that an independent developer, on the other hand, may have to learn and implement all these skills as they are developing a game. It is worth acknowledging that this will mean that they can never really clock out since they spend most of their time either working on the game or spend their free time thinking about the game.

The other myth is that releasing an indie game will the game developer rich overnight. A little known fact is that it is only a few indie game developers that that end up selling millions of copies of their games. Most indie game developers know all too well that the best they can hope for is to break even once the game that they might have spent years working on is released. An amazing fact is that even if the developer has all the skills that they need to develop a game, there are still huge costs associated with developing indie games. These costs come when procuring the right equipment and software, paying for internet costs and living costs given the fact that most of them will not be able to do any other job as they work on the game.
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The other myth is that once the game is released cash flow will be okay. It is vital to note that once the game has begun selling a few copies does mean that money will automatically keep coming. It is not a surprise if the sales take a plateau or nosedive even before the game developer manages to break even. Well, in some lucky instances, the developer may receive a check each month or may have to wait until a certain threshold of sales is reached before being able to cash out. There is also the aspect of processing fees for sales, which eats considerably into the returns of the developer.The 10 Best Resources For Games