Organic Farming Technology

The progress of time is always accompanied by advances in technology. According to nature, people will always think ahead to try to make the whole business to be more easily and quickly without compromising the beauty, as the manifest form of the emotional side of the audience. This is true in almost every aspect of our lives. To obtain a loan, you can see it in
Knowing it or not, all of these efforts are often spawned negative effect slowly can be detrimental to the survival of the man himself. The food products are one-on-one such example. Have often encountered a wide-type food / drinks, which in the manufacturing processes have made use of the chemical. The use of these ingredients proven effective in modifying the colors and shapes that will beautify the food is concerned, as well as chemicals for preservatives and stabilizers flavor.
When the manufacturing process, not infrequently foods / drinks utilizing high technology, because in addition to faster production quantities produced will also be more (mass) when compared manually. In a matter of days or months of chemical-based products such effects may not be felt for our body, but did you know that this kind of food in the long run could have a negative impact? Consume continuously proven to be good for health. Yet this fact is a complex one, which means closely related to lifestyle that we live everyday. At least have a lot of studies that show this. Based on the phenomenon then do development and innovation to find a solution, including the application of the latest technology of organic farming.
A certain level of practices permitted use of such chemicals. Again when in accordance with the rules set by the government through the health department, both the type and dose of chemicals to food has no rules that must be obeyed. Now, we can find diverse food and beverage circulating in supermarkets, malls and small shops on the roadside. Almost all of the food products contain chemicals that are usually printed on the packaging either type (name) as well as the number of measuring. In health sciences mentioned, actually in our body has antibodies that will be able to fend off all the toxins and harmful bacteria. However, please note that this is complex, which greatly influenced the lifestyle that we have adopted. You can not necessarily define it because there are other important aspects that should also be considered. Number of nutritional needs, work activity, sleep patterns, stress management, etc. All will have an effect on the immune system that works in our bodies. Apart from that all, now there are other alternatives that you can try the affairs related to the food we eat organic food products. Check out his review, still in a recent article the following organic farming technology.
Organic food is the food that is in the process of provision does not involve any kind of pesticides or chemicals or genetic engineering, apply to vegetable and animal food. For foods derived from plants either vegetable or fruit (vegetable), the entire process from land preparation, planting and maintenance of the natural use of the technology. Similarly, for animal food, the technology used always refer to organic methods such as cows / chickens in maintenance are not using hormone growth regulators (boosters).
Products such as organic foods claimed to be much better than ordinary food (conventional), because it is practically not contain any chemicals or hazardous substances therein. Unfortunately, to get organic food products like this we have to spend quite a bit because in our country are very expensive, especially for the average income of the majority of people in this country. Good human resources experts, maintenance and use of agricultural technology and organic farming, touted as the main culprit on the high cost of organic food products in the market.
Examples of Organic Products
Organic meat
Good chicken, beef or lamb are labeled as organic has a taste more delicious than non-organic meat (regular). Diet and maintenance of these animals require expensive that ultimately impact on the selling price of organic meat.
Organic vegetables
Spinach, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables in a series of treatment frequently dealt with pesticides. Now, with organic methods we need not worry for making our diet everyday.
Organic eggs
Organic eggs are taken from the organic chicken anyway. For eggs from conventional chicken have usually been given hormones growth regulator that would have a negative impact if we continue to consume.
Organic milk
Natural diet of organic beef can be applied to improve the quality of the milk. In this way the organic cows will produce Omega 3 which increased 68% compared touched regular cow’s milk.
Organic fruit
Non-organic fruit in regular maintenance is treated with a solution of pesticides 16 to 30 times the spray. Imagine the chemical constituents will settle in your body. By eating organic fruit means we have given nutrient intake that is safe for our bodies. Apples, peaches and strawberries are examples of organic products have been popular.
That was some examples of organic food products that can be an alternative to maintaining our health. Indeed there are other examples, but here we only mention the names of the foods most frequently encountered. Organic farming in practice will pay close attention to environmental balance, so that the entire infrastructure / device involved including the application of environmentally friendly technologies into its main characteristic. This technology will refer to the interaction of plants, humans, animals, soil, microorganisms, the ecosystems and the environment.