Quick M4V to MP4 Conversion with Movavi

The abundance of file formats may cause a lot of problems when it comes to opening files, especially if you have tech products operating on different platforms. For instance, not every program on Windows will read M4V format (invented by Apple) unless you’ve got QuickTime codecs installed. The easiest solution will be to convert such videos into a more convenient format.

Movavi Video Converter will save you a lot of trouble converting M4V to MP4 or any other popular video format like MOV, MPEG, AVI and so on. This software ensures fast conversion with minimal quality loss.

The converter supports almost every possible format and codec you can easily import and export any multimedia – video, audio or images. The number of files for simultaneous conversion is not limited. Plus, you can select a specific folder, choose the necessary parameters and all the files you put in this folder will be converted automatically.

You can also prepare your files for transferring to any gadget – there is a whole list of presets for various mobile devices with optimised settings for each model. The process can be even more simple: you can plug your smartphone or tablet into the computer, the application will identify it and suggest the best variant for converting.

Another prominent advantage of the program is the built-in editor that lets you do some basic editing tasks to your files as well as enhance their quality.


First of all, you can convert only the fragments (video or audio) you need and get rid of the rest. Thus, you can trim the track from both ends and cut away any part from the middle. Besides, the removing process is performed with absolute precision, so you can easily delete pieces frame by frame.

You can also crop and rotate videos and images, and apply watermarks to them if you need to. Work with subtitles, too: delete unnecessary ones, add your own and choose their position on the screen.

Quality enhancing

This concerns mostly video and audio files, although you can enhance the colour scheme of pictures as well.

Video enhancing includes:

  • Stabilisation: this tool will reduce camera shake and make the footage more pleasant to watch
  • Noise removal: it solves problems with videos shot in poor lighting
  • Colour Adjustments: change brightness, contrast, hue and saturation by hand, or apply automatic changes to fix contrast, white balance or everything at once

With special tools for audio you will be able to:

  • normalise the volume in quiet files
  • remove background noise

What is really convenient is that you can apply all changes to all uploaded files which definitely can save you a lot of time.

Another thing that you can do – is to reduce the file size. To do this you will need to change its bitrate – and notice that the quality will be altered as well.

After you’ve made every change you need, you can hit the Convert button and…and get the result almost immediately. Yes, you don’t have to waste time waiting for your videos to change the format.

It’s all because of the SuperSpeed mode that can be used if the codec of input and output files is one and the same (which is, in the case of M4V and MP4). This means the even a large video can be converted like a flash.

Movavi Video Converter makes the conversion process a lot easier and faster than you may have thought. Keep your media library in order and forget about the compatibility of formats once and for all.